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Teach Impira how to automatically extract data from your files with just a few samples. Then sit back and relax while Impira takes care of the heavy lifting.

Upload one file type or multiple to meet your needs.


Impira allows you to quickly search through contracts, including scans and images, and extract fields like party names, effective dates, renewal terms, and more.


Use Impira to extract fields automatically out of forms, including PDFs, scans, and even pictures. Then export directly from Impira into a spreadsheet.


Impira can extract totals, invoice numbers, payment terms, due dates, and more from invoices across vendors and different formats in just a few clicks. Then export your data directly from Impira into a spreadsheet.


Automatically labels photos with objects, places, colors, image quality, expressions, and more. With Impira you can search through your library instantly and attach usage contracts and invoices to the image to track additional metadata.

Find answers in your documents

Impira understands your files and their content, allowing you to search by more than just folders and file names.

Out of the box, Impira extracts and lets you search the following attributes:

  • Text fields from documents, including totals in invoices, terms in contracts, form fields, free text, and many more.
  • Objects, labels, logos, text, and objects in images and videos
  • Complex file metadata, including filenames, IPTC, EXIF, XMP, and more.

One platform for every team

An illustration showing a financial space that contains a sheet with a pie chart, bar graph, and line graph, with money in front of it.

Unlock the data that’s stuck in your AR/AP invoices, contracts, expense reports, and paystubs. Impira automatically extracts key fields without any manual data entry, so you can instantly build an accurate database of your financial documents.

Illustration of a creative space that contains a container with a paint brush, pen, and pencil, photo, and canvas with a shape drawn.

Effortlessly find the assets you need with the confidence that you can use them. Impira’s technology will automatically tag your assets, extract usage terms from contracts, and link everything together so you can focus on delivering world-class creative.

An illustration of an IT setting containing a computer with email, security and a database.

Automatically process invoices, contracts, forms, expenses, and other documents to free up your colleagues to do their best work. We make it easy to create document extraction models that continue to improve as you provide more data and review results.

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