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Our mission

At Impira, we believe that technology can make the messy, monotonous, and complex melt away, creating space for meaningful work. And that’s our mission: to make work meaningful.

Reimagining a better way to manage visual data

As businesses become increasingly digital, visual forms of data such as images, videos, PDFs, and documents, have exploded in volume. However, traditional tools like databases, spreadsheets, and dashboards have been ill-equipped to manage such content. As a result, teams are left spending precious time searching, retyping, and recreating visual assets across multiple systems.

At Impira, we realized that re-engineering the data processing stack, with AI at its core, could unlock the valuable information buried within visual data. Our product is ambitious — we believe that if we are successful, we can unleash incredible amounts of productivity by cataloging, analyzing, and interpreting visual data at scale.

Our team

Impira was founded in 2017 and is backed by top institutional investors and industry leaders.

Ankur Goyal
Ankur Goyal

Co-Founder and CEO

Ankur previously built and scaled the engineering team at MemSQL as employee #2 and VP of Engineering. Ankur received his B.S. in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science. He also holds several patents in database technology.

Richard Stebbing

Richard Stebbing

Co-Founder and Head of Technology

Richard is responsible for driving Impira's technology and architectural vision. A Rhodes scholar, Richard has a deep background in AI and Machine Learning, completing his PhD at Oxford University in Computer Vision while working at Microsoft Research (Cambridge, UK). Prior to Impira, he directed Machine Learning at Primer AI.

Steve Davis
Steve Davis

Chief Revenue Officer

As Impira’s Chief Revenue Officer, Steve is responsible for overseeing Impira’s growth and customer success. Prior to Impira, Steve had over 20 years of consistent, high performance sales execution at various stage companies, and has taken part in three successful IPOs, as well as three company acquisitions.

Anand Mariappan
Anand Mariappan

VP of Engineering

Previously, as Senior Director at Reddit, Anand led their charter for Machine Learning, Search, Data and Redesign. As Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft, he was responsible for shipping Power BI's app experiences & cloud services. He holds a MS from Purdue University.

Nadjya Ghausi
Nadjya Ghausi

Chief Marketing Officer

As CMO, Nadjya is responsible for driving Impira’s brand, positioning, and marketing strategy & operations. Prior to Impira, Nadjya was CMO at Prezi, where she grew global revenue and led major new product launches in emerging categories. She also held marketing leadership and operational roles at E2open, Salesforce, Agile, Gemini, and IBM.

Investors and advisors
Barry Eggers

Founding Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Barry Eggers is a founding partner at Lightspeed. In addition to building out the firm over the past 20 years, Barry specializes in information technology infrastructure with a focus on analytic platforms, cloud, IoT, networking, and emerging infrastructure. Prior to founding Lightspeed, he was a partner at Weiss, Peck & Greer.

Dr. Steve Herrod

Managing Director, General Catalyst

Dr. Steve Herrod is a managing director at General Catalyst, a venture capital firm with approximately $5 billion in capital raised. At GC, Steve focuses on deeply technical investments in cybersecurity, networking, developer tools, and machine learning technologies. Prior to joining General Catalyst, he was CTO and SVP of R&D at VMware.

Yan-David Erlich

Managing Director, Coatue Management

Yan-David Erlich ("Yanda") is a Managing Director at Coatue where he co-leads the $700M early-stage venture fund and the enterprise software investing practice. Prior, Yanda was a 4-time venture-backed Founder/CEO, most recently of Parsable: the Connected Worker platform for industrial teams. He also founded ChoiceVendor (acquired by LinkedIn), Mogad (acquired by Qualcomm) and Happiness Engines.

Gaurav Gupta

Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Gaurav Gupta is a Partner at Lightspeed and is primarily focused on investing in enterprise software. Previously, Gaurav was VP of Product at Elastic, where he led product management, product marketing, and developer relations, and also worked at Splunk as VP of Products, where he was responsible for the overall user experience of the company's core enterprise product.

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