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A depiction of the integration between Impira and Snowflake

Announcing the Impira x Snowflake integration

Unlock more data from your Snowflake warehouse. Extract unstructured data from your files with Impira, then continuously stream structured datasets back into Snowflake for further analysis.

Both Impira and Snowflake are committed to empowering people to gain meaningful insight about their businesses by providing the tools they need to extract and understand data. Impira is a flexible machine learning solution that’s all about extracting data, and Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing company that’s all about analyzing, querying, and storing data.

We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking integration that allows you to unlock unstructured data within your Snowflake data warehouse. Hot on the heels of Snowflake’s recently announced unstructured data management feature, the Impira integration for Snowflake allows users to process unstructured data files (like invoices and purchase orders) through Impira to extract clean, structured data and then query it directly in  Snowflake alongside other datasets. This integration can provide improved data accessibility for your company by giving you the ability to make better, faster business decisions that leads to greater productivity and agility. 

Impira x Snowflake

Impira takes optical character recognition (OCR) to a completely new level by incorporating adaptable machine learning that anyone can use to extract data from documents and organize it clearly into usable datasets. Having access to such a powerful automation platform finally gives Snowflake users the unprecedented opportunity to unlock valuable unstructured data with more meaning and utility for any of their downstream purposes.

Impira’s CEO, Ankur Goyal, says, "We're excited about this integration because Snowflake and Impira have a shared vision to make data incredibly simple, cost-effective, and easy to query. With this integration, users can finally query data from unstructured data like PDF documents seamlessly alongside the data in their data warehouse."

Saurin Shah, senior product manager at Snowflake says, “Our partnership with Impira can supercharge the Data Cloud for joint customers. It enables them to manage their unstructured data in Snowflake and process it in Impira to derive meaningful insights which weren't possible before. The usage of unstructured data by organizations has increased significantly in the past few years, posing a huge challenge for them to manage and process it at scale. This integration with Impira can eliminate the complexity our customers have from unstructured data, making it an asset and differentiator for their businesses.”

This integration means that Snowflake customers have a way to automatically extract data, allowing businesses to spend less time manually entering data into spreadsheets, and they’re able to turn a mass of unstructured files into usable datasets. With Impira’s flexible machine learning technology driving the data extraction, users can have confidence that the information is accurate and clean. 

Get started

Watch this video demo see us set up the integration and go through a sample workflow, or read our integration documentation for a step-by-step guide. 

If you need more help, you can always reach out to us at or schedule a time to meet with a specialist to talk through your needs. Not an Impira user yet? You can set up your free account here.

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