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A depiction of all the apps that users can connect Impira to using Zapier.

Announcing our Zapier integration

At Impira, we’re driven by the goal of removing repetitive manual tasks that hamper productivity and keep your teams from focusing on more important work. We’re always on the lookout to integrate with other like-minded solutions if it’ll give our users more opportunities to save themselves from data entry dread.

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Impira x Zapier

Impira allows business users of any background to identify and extract data from files like invoices, bills, and statements at scale. Our flexible machine learning platform powers automation for teams of all sizes. That’s why it just makes sense that we’d partner up and integrate with Zapier. Both Impira and Zapier are no-code solutions that help teams use automation to accelerate past roadblocks and bottlenecks created by manual busywork.

Find the Impira integration in the Zapier app center and create automations with systems like: 

  • Gmail and Google Drive
  • Quickbooks
  • Dropbox
  • Zoho
  • Salesforce
  • Box
  • and many more

Zapier, the matchmaker

Zapier is the friend who knows everyone and organizes all the social mixers so we can all network and meet new people. It provides a way for multiple tools to “speak” to each other by sending data back and forth. Zapier lets you spark an ongoing conversation with an app by setting up a Zap, which consists of a trigger paired with an action. When the Zap is on, it’ll perform a specified action whenever there’s a trigger event 

Using Zapier allows you to create connection points for thousands of different apps so you can be as productive as you’ve always wanted to be. 

Get zapping

Create a free Impira account and sign up for Zapier.

You can:

  1. Go to Impira’s page in Zapier’s app center.
  2. Follow along with our video tutorial to see what you can do with Google Sheets.
  3. Or use the following templates we’ve already created:

If you need more help, you can always reach out to us at or schedule a time to meet with a specialist to talk through your workflow.