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Impira is turning a scanned PDF document into an excel spreadsheet

How to convert PDFs to Excel with Impira

Everyone loves a good PDF — they’re convenient, consistent, and compact. But when it comes to processing the data within a PDF, that’s when manual data entry and time-consuming rekeying come in. Skip the manual work. Automate your way to productivity with Impira.

You can convert your scanned documents

Converting paper documents via manual data entry into digital, editable formats is a time-consuming, burdensome process for already busy teams. A manual data entry process is prone to human errors, which can be costly, and it diverts precious time that could be used on more worthy initiatives. 

Some organizations use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to mitigate these challenges. After you scan documents into a digital system, the resulting files are just image files that data extraction software can’t read. OCR, however, converts images of typed, handwritten, or printed text into machine-encoded text.

But while OCR has attempted to remedy the obstacles associated with manual data entry, it still has its own limitations. OCR often can’t understand the complexities of input data and doesn’t have the capability to process different document formats. Therefore, there’s a risk of inaccuracies that require manual verification.

That’s why Impira built a tool that’s better than OCR because it’s paired with artificial intelligence and auto machine learning to produce more accurate, customizable results. Auto machine learning (AutoML) enables the software to learn as you use it, even with small amounts of data. It’s called one-shot learning, but you’ll just call it intuitive.

When you use Impira’s no-code software, converting PDFs into Excel documents is a breeze. The tool allows anyone to easily train their machine learning model to read and understand otherwise complex documents — all without requiring any code.

Scan to Excel in 3 Easy Steps 

Here’s a quick, step-by-step breakdown of the conversion process:

1. Create a collection 

After you’ve created and logged into your Impira account, you can create a collection and upload your PDFs. Group similar forms into their own collection.

Since Impira integrates with Dropbox, your email, and more, you can automatically send your documents to Impira without searching for what you need across other platforms.

2. Extract necessary data

Next, you’ll use the extraction interface to teach Impira which data fields are necessary. Defined fields will appear as new columns in your collection. Here, you’ll provide some quick, additional training to the model by either editing or confirming predicted values. This information is immediately fed back into Impira for instant training, meaning your model is built in just minutes. Read more about extracting data.

3. Download the CSV files 

Finally, you can download your files as Comma Separated Value or Character Separated Value (CSV) files. CSV files make it easy for other programs to read the data you save, so you’ll always have structured information to work with and share. 

Impira also offers a robust set of REST APIs so that you can automatically export your data.

Benefits of converting PDFs to Excel with Impira 

  • Reduces time spent manually extracting data. Because Impira offers fast document conversion, a user-friendly interface, and tools that learn in on the fly, your teams can save time they’d otherwise spend manually inputting, checking, double-checking, and fixing data. 
  • Reduces data errors. Making mistakes is an inevitable part of being human. But when it comes to data entry, most businesses can’t afford the consequences of human error. They can be incredibly costly — both in terms of time and money — as incorrect reporting, duplication, missed information, and other errors can lead to financial, legal, and customer experience issues. 

    Impira greatly reduces these data errors by automating the process and continuously learning for more accurate output. You can rest easy knowing that Impira’s flexible, interactive, and powerful technology is working for you. 
  • Drives efficiencies for the business by streamlining the workflow. Impira’s automation, API, and ability to connect webhooks help you avoid the inefficiencies that hinder productivity and create workflow bottlenecks. Our technology provides flexibility and control, so employees spend less time digging through documents and spreadsheets and more time focusing on what really matters. 

    What’s more, Impira offers simple integrations (from email, Excel, Dropbox, and more), to help your team access, move, and share data automatically. This saves the time you and your team would normally spend gathering information from disparate sources, which helps to further optimize workflows. 
  • Offers a long-term, trusted solution. Free PDF converters are a tempting solution to your manual data entry challenges, but they’re often error-prone and don’t offer the robust capabilities that a successful workflow requires. 

    Impira’s better-than-OCR technology offers a reliable, intelligent solution that benefits your team and offers greater ROI. Because it reduces the time spent on tedious data entry, increases operational efficiencies, and decreases costly errors, Impira is well worth the price. 
  • Entirely scalable and affordable. As your company evolves, you need tools that support its growth. Impira is scalable to your business’s needs, with a pricing model that allows for you to pay as you go. And one-shot learning helps anyone create a model with more accurate data extractions tailored to your needs without any coding, which means less time spent training as your organization expands. Its intuitive technology grows alongside your company, while simplifying any workflow to enterprise-level complexity. 

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Manual data entry is holding your business back from a more streamlined, accurate, and competitive operation. If your teams still use the outdated methods and disparate tools from the past, they’re at risk for costly errors and overly time-consuming processes.

Impira’s next-gen, one-shot machine learning technology requires no coding, little training, and will streamline your company’s process for medical insurance, business process forms, and much more

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