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Automation: The vehicle for digital transformation

From small businesses to enterprises — you’re either getting ahead or falling behind. Take leaps and bounds in your digital transformation journey by automating your major business processes and everything in between.

Ready or not, digital transformation is happening

Many companies are realizing that digital transformation is a necessity if they’re going to thrive in the unpredictable and ever-changing future. Digital transformation can’t be ignored or treated as a side project, but rather should be a comprehensive strategy that affects entire end-to-end processes. Unfortunately, many companies are lagging behind because they don’t know where to begin, or they feel overwhelmed by the size of the daunting task before them.

The emergence of COVID-19 has shed light on a number of things, including revealing cracks and weaknesses in how many businesses operate. The pandemic turned up the volume on the call for digital transformation as it pushed processes and demands on businesses beyond normal capacities. It brought automation and digital transformation front and center, forcing businesses from every industry to address what seemed like something that could be tackled down the road. 

As reported by IBM, “The pandemic has proven, beyond all doubt, that supply chains must be built for change by leveraging intelligent and automated use of data.” Transforming your business by using automation to process your data will keep you competitive now and resilient as you move forward.

Automation: The vehicle for digital transformation

Building an intelligent workflow through automation can introduce power and fluidity to your business. It can give your business the ability to be agile now, as well as provide end-to-end processes that can weather twists and turns down the road. 

According to this 2018 insight report by the World Economic Forum, “by 2022, 62% of organization’s information and data processing and information search and transmission tasks will be performed by machines compared to 46% today.” Digital transformation through the adoption of technologies is happening at a global scale, and automation is the glue that connects all the layers of a digital business process together.

For small businesses without teams or task forces dedicated to automation or data science, digital transformation can seem out of reach. This is where no-code technology can bridge that gap and democratize machine learning so everyone can access automation and drive it themselves. Due to nascent no-code products and services, your company's workforce is already qualified to utilize these new technologies and able to use them to augment your existing systems.

Create value for your company

As consumers get more accustomed to products being constantly available, and service and solutions being nearly instantaneous, organizations run the risk of having customer expectations outpace their ability to respond and deliver. Automating repetitive manual work (especially those at massive scale) in your operations, marketing, and production departments not only returns huge value for your customers, but gives your employees the opportunity to put away busywork and take on more meaningful and fruitful pursuits. Empowering your existing workforce to drive automation so they are freed to learn new skills and be upwardly mobile is the key to helping your organization stay innovative and vibrant. 

Intelligent workflows free employees from the shackles of mundane, repetitive tasks that can be automated. Amy Wright, Managing Partner at IBM Services says that intelligent workflows “lets your employees focus on work that requires empathy, creativity, and ingenuity,” giving your team members the opportunity to do higher-value work and unlock greater value from their time and energy. Using digital solutions to automate business processes makes for a healthier organization from the ground up and extends outward to make customers happier and more satisfied.

Impira’s no-code automation makes digital transformation less daunting and way more doable

Impira’s flexible machine learning capabilities plus easy-to-use Read and Write APIs means you can incorporate automation seamlessly into any part of your digital workflow without major disruption. 

No-code tools like Impira can help you automate:

Taking the first steps in your business’ journey of digital transformation doesn’t have to be daunting or overly disruptive because you can fold Impira neatly into your current workflow. With our powerful API and Impira Query Language capabilities, along with new integrations with online software like Zapier, automating your business processes has never been more manageable.

Impira can help automate your end-to-end workflows regardless of where you are on your digital transformation journey or your level of expertise in artificial intelligence. Taking first step toward automation with Impira will provide your business with leaps and bounds in efficiency and productivity.

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