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Inside Impira: Head of Product, Lorilyn McCue

We sat down with fellow Impiran, Lorilyn McCue, to hear about her day-to-day as the Head of Product and what drives her to build the future of machine learning.

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What’s your official role here at Impira?

Head of Product

Describe what you do in a few sentences.

I help create the product roadmap and prioritize and scope our projects. 

How does your work impact people’s lives?

I am obsessed with efficiency. Impira turns an hours-long task into minutes of work. I don’t think you should be burdened with manual data entry if you can instead train computers to do it. Saving people’s time makes them happier and more satisfied at work, which makes them happier and more satisfied in their personal lives.

Impira’s mission is to make data entry a thing of the past. What does this mean to you?

A task I detested in the Army was creating and editing a sequencing spreadsheet. It drove me crazy when commanders would change our start time, because I’d have to manually edit every time after that. I had a glorious moment when I discovered that I could use Excel formulas to automate this. It took me a bit to set up the formulas, but my coworkers and I were so grateful that the timeline would automatically adjust. It saved us a lot of mindless and error prone effort in the months to come. My hope is that Impira can do the same thing for data entry. I hope that every time someone says, “There’s GOT to be a better way to do this,” they find us and feel that same sense of relief. The best part is that Impira shines where a lot of other solutions fall short. Non standard document? Whacky table? We’ve got you. We put all the power in your hands.

Tell us about the culture of inclusion at Impira.

We do our best to create a workplace where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. An example - one funny thing we do when you join is ask your favorite way to eat potatoes. It is this silly question that makes people chuckle and realize they are in a place where they can be themselves and let their personality show. We also have a regular “fun time,” where we play games, learn skills, do scavenger hunts, etc., which helps to make everyone feel included.

What do you love most about working at Impira?

The people. My coworkers are passionate about making things great for our customers. We care deeply about designing experiences that make sense and feel good to our users. We also have a lot of fun. We recently did a “Roar and Snore” for our team offsite, which was an overnight stay at a zoo. It was quite bonding for our team to wake up to the sound of lions roaring!

Impira is creating the future of machine learning. Why should people come build with us?

Before I joined, someone referred to Impira as “ML for the masses.” I had learned a bit about ML in school, but I remember spending hours cleaning up data, creating training sets, reviewing the predictions on the data, etc. When I came here, I thought it was amazing that I could actually create my own ML model in just a few clicks. ML is powerful, but Impira makes it accessible for practical and time saving use cases.

Describe your journey into product management. How did you choose that career?

Since I was coming from 10 years in the military, I took a career workshop during grad school to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I worked with a career coach that asked me to share stories of when I loved work and when I hated work. She processed my answers into a list of eight things I enjoyed in a career.

•Develop ideas & brainstorm

•Gather info and learn fast

•See a problem from lots of different points of view

•Synthesize info

•Create a vision/plan/solution/product


•Collaborate and build alliances

•Produce a successful product


A few friends had gone into Product Management, so I asked them how often they did these things. It turns out this was basically a PM job description, so I decided this was a good career for me.

What made you want to work at Impira?

I interned at Google to see if I enjoyed product management. I loved it, and ended up joining Slack because I wanted to begin my journey at a startup. After four and a half years, I was searching for a smaller startup so I could make a bigger impact on an organization.

I had two little kids, so I was seeking a startup that valued work-life balance. Also, I really loved Google and Slack’s culture, so I wanted to find something that felt similar. Impira completely met both criteria, and the people were awesome, so I joined!

What are some of your passions outside of Impira?

Running, beach volleyball, salsa dancing, lifting, reading.

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