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Introducing Mango Beta

We are excited to announce the release of Mango Beta. Mango offers no-code data extraction to unlock the data in visual files within minutes.

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Modern businesses run on visual data like documents, photos, presentations, and more, but using these files requires endless manual data entry and organization. Impira’s new Mango Beta extracts and unlocks the data within these files within minutes. With just a few clicks and without a line of code, you can upload files and intuitively create machine learning algorithms for extracting text, identifying people, tagging images, finding objects of interest, and for many other applications. You can use Mango’s powerful and user-friendly search functionality to find and organize the files and information that you need. Searching for files scattered across your computer and the cloud will be a task of the past. Natively built to serve individual workloads and collaboration alike, Mango can serve as both your team’s go-to platform for data extraction and as your organization’s definitive system of record.

Mango breaks new ground with its interactive and immediate-response machine learning interface. Most machine learning platforms require substantial upfront user input to teach the algorithm to produce accurate predictions. In contrast, Mango's algorithms begin to learn from the very first user input and can start inferring with only one or two samples of data. Mango lets you quickly visualize these new learnings and corresponding predictions, and allows you to provide immediate feedback to further optimize performance with far less user input than with previous techniques. This rapid feedback user interface stands in stark contrast to other machine learning training techniques, in which the feedback process is manual, arduous, and slow. By responding to your feedback in real-time, Mango gets you results quickly and with minimal effort on your part. 

If you or your teams spend inordinate amounts of time retyping or rekeying data from documents, tagging images with labels, or searching through documents, Mango can help you. With the capability to process any type of document or photo, Mango can serve the needs of every team, from Finance to IT, Legal to Creative, Real Estate to Data Management.  

Get set up with Mango Beta in under five minutes and start processing your visual files immediately. With the ability to drag and drop in files and train machine learning algorithms in real-time and without any need for coding, begin automating manual data entry and search workflows so you can focus on more meaningful work.

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