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Impira plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud

We are excited to announce the release of the Impira plugin for the Adobe Creative Cloud. This new capability empowers creative teams to work smarter by bringing the Impira platform experience into the Adobe Creative Cloud environment.

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Impira's AI-powered Data Intelligence platform is a great solution for solving the increasingly complex problem of managing asset and product information in a way that is relevant to the different content needs of any organization. We aggregate assets, content, metadata, product information, inventory, logistics related data, etc. from a variety of sources to provide a unified, consistent, and contextual view of any piece of information our customers may need. As our users engage with our platform, our Machine Learning engine creates linkages that enrich existing information with additional metadata, by capturing implicit feedback from users.

To ensure that we support our users and address their needs, we have developed an Adobe Creative Cloud extension that brings the Impira platform, complete with the same set of features and capabilities, into the tools creative teams use every day. We have learned from our customers the importance of ensuring that brand and product managers can easily access their data and that creative teams can accelerate workflows to improve overall efficiency.

Accelerate Creative Workflows

Impira's Adobe Creative Cloud plugin increases the speed in which creative teams can find and insert source assets to be used in any creative work. Impira's robust search and filtering capabilities are incorporated into the familiar Photoshop interface with all the known keyboard shortcuts, macros, and scripts. Without the need to manage shared assets in folders, Impira can be the single source for all creative assets. This significantly reduces the time creative teams need to spend finding and collecting assets in a different environment. It simplifies the overall creative workflow and allows for effortless collaboration among creative teams and other stakeholders.

Impira Photoshop Plugin searching for fruits.

Enrich Existing Information

When using Impira within Adobe Photoshop, all metadata, file properties, layer information, format, etc. are preserved with the original assets. Any additional information produced during the creative process is appended to those same assets. Impira also integrates information from project management applications (Wrike, Jira, Asana, etc.) and auto-associates project tasks with the relevant creative deliverables, allowing for additional ways to view and manage assets.

Impira's Photoshop plugin adding metadata to a visual asset without leaving Photoshop.

Close the Loop

By using the upload function in the Impira plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud, all creative work uploaded into Impira will automatically include the existing metadata of the original assets that were used in the design. This feature allows for full traceability on the specific assets used in each creative piece, making it very easy for teams to keep an eye on the different components of a creative output from license rights and expiration dates to marketing performance.

Impira's Photoshop plugin uploading a new assets linked to the original visual assets used.

Download the Impira Plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud on the Adobe Exchange website, and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback. Please reach out to us at and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

Highlight and extract data with Impira AutoML.