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Set up data extraction faster with Instant Collections

Impira Head of Product, Lorilyn McCue, walks us through a brand new feature and how Instant Collections reduces setup time to mere seconds.

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We’re all about helping people with some of their messiest documents. You know — the multi-page invoice that's never the same twice, or the shipping slip with a handwritten signature. But, what if you have a more predictable document and you just want to extract the data fast with little setup time? 

We want to make data extraction as easy and approachable for anyone. Today, I’m pleased to announce the beta launch of our latest feature, Instant Collections.

Instant Collections cover documents like ACORD forms, loss runs, and bank statements. They instantly pull the data you need from your file so you can skip the hands-on training time and get your data in a few seconds. After that, you can add, delete, and tweak as needed.

A user choosing an Instant Collection that fits their document needs, uploading their documents, then seeing extracted data right away.

We believe with this combination of instant access to more uniform documents through Instant Collections and our standard, more customizable setup, you can tackle any data extraction problem head-on.

While we’re in beta, we have a handful of Instant Collections that you can choose from like an ACORD 125 form, Travelers loss run report, or W-2. But we want to hear from you about which document types you’re looking for. You can request a specific document type here and we’ll let you know when it becomes available.

Learn more about Instant Collections in our Help Center.

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