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Utility auditor working on automating energy and utility bill processing with OCR, Impira AutoML

Team up with Impira to face the changing energy landscape

There’s a lot of change on the horizon for the energy and utility landscape with emerging markets and new legislation. See how easy it is to adopt AI/ML into your workflow to help you stay informed and organized so you can be prepared for anything.

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How does artificial intelligence and the energy market intersect?

As reported by Enel X, the energy market landscape is coming upon huge shifts as renewable energy solutions become more available and cost competitive, and many state governments mandate transition. This momentum is echoed in the marketplace as more customers and investors demand more carbon-neutral solutions and reductions in emissions. 

If you’re an energy or utility auditor, you can help your clients be prepared for these major shifts by being organized, clearly understanding spending trend data, and quickly spotting outliers. Allow Impira to step in, cut through the fray, and help you create order. 

A better, faster, more agile solution to traditional OCR and machine learning

In ensuring your clients’ organization’s utility expenditures are aligned with their actual energy needs, you're constantly processing a growing stack of energy and utility bills. These come from different providers, and feature unique layouts and structures. You’ve undoubtedly turned to certain solutions to help you automate this process because there’s simply too much data to go through and enter manually.

Optical Character Recognition

Standard optical character recognition (OCR) software may be a bit helpful at first, but you’ll quickly realize the need for a more flexible and complete solution to fully automate your process. Using OCR software doesn't always allow for an interactive experience — you get what it gives you. With Impira, you're kept in the loop and can intervene to make simple adjustments to ensure the OCR is reading your data correctly.

Machine learning

Traditional machine learning solutions have a litany of pre-trained models that they try and fit to your files, and it can be like trying on every suit in the store before finding one that fits you. You may eventually find one that fits, but as you change, the suit may no longer fit properly. With Impira, we don't use any pre-trained machine learning models. Our automated machine learning (AutoML) platform creates models based on your specific data needs. Impira is like a custom-tailored suit that grows, shrinks, adjusts automatically in real time.

Not a coder? Not a problem.

The best part of Impira is that you don’t need to write a single line of code or have any data science experience. If you can point and click a mouse, you’re qualified to train a machine learning model. Once you point out which pieces of information on your document are important (e.g., Customer name, Total balance, kWh), Impira automatically custom tailors machine learning models for you in the background as you continue to make these interactions. 

Impira: A good listener and star student rolled into one

Machine learning solutions in the past required you to upload tons and tons of example files in order to teach them what you need them to do. With Impira, you can get started with just a single file. Open the file, click the information you want, and Impira pays attention to you from the get-go, learning from every interaction. It then takes what it learned and applies it to the rest of your collection of files. You can check Impira’s work by confirming or making a few corrections, which increases how confident Impira is about the data it retrieved from your documents and files. Impira will take these new "lessons" and immediately create new, more accurate models to suit your needs. These happen automatically and in real-time, so you don't have to manually retrain a new model each time something updates.

Automate your energy and utility bill data entry for free

Ready to jump in? Take a look at our How to guide to see how quickly you can get up and running organizing your energy and utility bills for free. All it’ll cost you is a few minutes and a few clicks. 

To start using Impira:

  • Create a free account
  • Start a collection, a folder that holds and organizes your files by type and purpose
  • Upload your files into that collection
  • Start "training" Impira by pointing out the data you want to extract
  • Watch Impira automate all the manual data extraction work

Impira AutoML is an invaluable tool in your toolkit because it saves you time by reducing manual processing, and gives you a unique level of transparency to your entire workflow. Whether you’re working with an existing client or assembling a proposal for a potential client, get a clearer image of incoming bill data with Impira and save time.

Get started now.