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The “what” and “why” behind bettering your experience and adding integrations

We’re always listening and looking for ways to be there for users. In responding to feedback, we’re committed to being hands on so you can be hands off with manual work.

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We’re in continual motion at Impira, and always turning over rocks and exploring new territory. We’re passionate about making pathways into a better future by making AutoML accessible to every user, no matter their background. Whether it’s through our user interface, written documentation, or branding and design, we want to ensure people feel capable and empowered to offload the burden of data entry and take control of automation. That means anyone — accountants, healthcare workers, consultants, financial advisors, or insurance agents — can realize their own potential simply by being free to be themselves again. 

Making pathways means that we’re thinking of newer and better ways to meet our users’ needs, and to help them do more productive, meaningful work. It means that we’re meeting users where they’re at by bringing greater integration with and connectivity to the tools they already have in place. But it can also mean that we’re doubling back to check our work and see if we can make improvements. We love to learn by listening to you, and your feedback makes us better. 

API, Webhooks, Zapier

Many of our users want to further streamline their workflows by integrating their systems with Impira via API or Webhooks. The ways in which a user gets files in and out of Impira depends heavily on their current workflow and set up, so we’re providing greater flexibility and options for you.

We’ve also partnered with Zapier to make a public beta integration available to our users. This is in line with our efforts to make work lives easier. Whether you use Google Sheets, Salesforce, Zoho (and so many other options), we’re making sure Impira continues to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

New computed fields for confidence

We’re always looking for more ways to inform you that the data you’ve extracted is complete and accurate so you can be confident when you export and analyze your data. You’ve always been able to visually inspect the confidence for each cell in both the platform and via the API, but we’ve taken it a step further and added three fields that can help you understand when your data is ready for use. 

These efforts to continually improve your experience are to make you feel more confident and more empowered as you move through your workflow in Impira. 

New text parsing improvements

The PDF format is incredibly useful in large part because of its flexibility to store and represent so many different types of data. However, that complexity can sometimes make it hard to faithfully extract the text contained within those files. We’ve overhauled the processes we use to read PDFs so that we cover more of the edge cases in which information can be stored in PDFs. 

Further, we’re always seeking to improve the quality of our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) results, which convert the pixels of an image to text. As part of the overhaul, we improved the processing of images, namely improving their resolution and quality, before we run OCR on them. This helps ensure that we are more accurate in reading text in images and documents, which results in more accurate predictions for you.

Improved onboarding and extraction experiences

We want our users to feel confident that they can tackle anything, so we’ve improved our text extraction algorithm to be more accurate and be a faster learner. Being more responsive to each new data point makes Impira more helpful and more useful for you. On top of that, you can check “checkbox extraction” off the list of things we can extract, as well as radio buttons and other binary indicators. 

Resource library

Just as we’re continuing to make Impira a better tool for you, we’re improving our Resource library to be a place where you can learn and be empowered to use Impira as best as you can. Just like learning is an ongoing process, our Resource library is continually being replenished and updated. 

We’ve recently restructured the Resource library so it’s easier to navigate and find what you need. The new upper navigation bar allows you to quickly access How to guides, Recipes, Blogs, and Documentation. So whether you want to keep up with Impira through our blog, learn about what technologies power Impira, or plumb the depths of Impira Query Language, we’ve got you covered. 

By improving the layout of our Resource library, making our product user interface easier to use, and making our tools more accurate, we’re removing barriers between you and your fullest productivity potential. Get a free Impira account to try it out today and see how we're making life easier for so many people. If you're already an Impira user and you want some guidance navigating any of our features, you can schedule a meeting with a specialist after logging in to your account.

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