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Use Impira AutoML to automate custom medical order form processing

Custom medical order form processing is an arduous task that requires a lot of man hours and is often error-prone. Learn how to automate these processes in minutes with pinpoint accuracy using Impira AutoML, freeing up your knowledge workers to focus on more complex tasks.

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The paperwork associated with processing custom medical order forms is a data entry nightmare. Think of all the forms we as patients sign every time we go to a doctor or specialist. It’s enough to leave you with carpal tunnel syndrome. Now imagine you’re a knowledge worker responsible for inputting all of those forms. We’ll pause for the collective groan.  

At best, inefficiencies in processing custom medical order forms will frustrate patients, while really hurting your bottom line. A healthy dose of Impira AutoML might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Shortcomings with traditional OCR or machine learning

There are a number of factors to consider when using a standard OCR or machine learning (ML) system for custom medical order form processing:

  • Training (and retraining) your ML models. Whether you take a DIY approach, use pre-trained software, or implement a system like Impira, your ML models need to be trained to know what to look for. In addition to the initial training, you will need to refine the model over time as your forms change or new forms are encountered.
  • Keep a human in the loop. Artificial intelligence (AI) can make humans much more efficient at form processing, but your patients’ health is too important to delegate to software alone. You need to have a human in the loop double-checking that the extracted data is accurate.
  • Obtaining actionable data. It’s not enough to extract data from your forms. You need to be able to extract (and possibly store) that data in a manner that advances your business processes. Machine learning models alone are not enough to help you automate your custom medical order form process.

Train Impira AutoML to automate custom medical order form processing in five minutes 

Assuming you need to train the ML model, a traditional approach might require providing a data science team with a large number of training documents (hundreds? perhaps even thousands?) for you to use in training your model, and a similar number each time you want to re-train or even tweak said model. Impira takes a different approach by harnessing automated machine learning (AutoML), which not only lets you start seeing results right away, but also affords the flexibility needed to adapt to changing business requirements.

We’ve detailed how to use Impira AutoML to automate custom medical order forms processing. This detailed guide takes you through the following steps: 

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Create a new collection.
  3. Upload your order forms.
  4. Train an AutoML model to understand your order forms.
  5. Export your data.

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Using Impira AutoML to automate your custom medical order form processing workflow will allow you to process more forms in less time, eliminating redundant data entry to free your staff up to better care for your patients.

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