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Anand Mariappan

Welcome Anand

We are pleased to announce our newest member of the executive team, Anand Mariappan, who is joining us as Vice President of Engineering.

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I’m pleased to announce that Anand Mariappan has joined us as Vice President of Engineering. Anand was most recently Senior Director of Engineering at Reddit and spent over eight years at Microsoft, where he worked extensively on Power BI. At Impira, he reports to me and is responsible for running our engineering team and helping to drive overall company strategy as a member of the executive team.

Anand and I met a few months ago and had a long walk along the Embarcadero. We covered topics ranging from Diversity & Inclusion to disruptive go-to-market models to programming language design. After that discussion, we met weekly and quickly realized how strong of a mutual fit the opportunity at Impira was. As startups we often talk about product/market fit but rarely talk about executive/company fit, and I wanted to take a moment to highlight why we are so excited about working with Anand.

Bridging Consumer and Enterprise

The line between consumer and enterprise has blurred. Browser-based applications and smartphones have made the tools we use at home and work the same. Despite this popular trend, however, few engineering leaders actually have experience in both. Anand has not only led engineering for some of the most widely used enterprise and consumer products, he has seen the transition of a product (PowerBI) from buyer-focused to user-focused and experienced the incredible success that follows if done correctly. This is a very nascent playbook in product development, one he has intimate experience with — and the battle scars that go along with it. At Impira, we are early but undergoing a similar evolution, as enterprises now prioritize user experience as a key differentiator for software they purchase.

Building an Analytical Future

At Impira, we believe that as an industry we have just barely scratched the surface of business intelligence — both for products and internal operations. Anand is a data-driven thinker, through and through, as both a function of his nature and the products he has worked on. At PowerBI, he worked hard to democratize powerful analytical tools to anyone who could sign up for its service in a browser. At Reddit, he ran the search and machine learning team, where his team used data internally to drive a better overall experience for Reddit users. And finally, as an engineering leader, he pushes his team and fellow executives to make data-driven decisions. This sounds easy but in practice requires discipline, patience, and objectivity which is incredibly rare among engineering leaders.

People First

Despite his prowess as an executor of high impact engineering projects, when you listen to Anand you hear very little about software tools or architecture. Instead, Anand believes in People, Process, and Purpose as the key factors to building a successful engineering organization. His method emphasizes enabling people to do their best work, by equipping them with the right processes and a clear sense of purpose, which he works hard to develop and communicate. As I spoke with his former colleagues at every stage of his career, this theme rang consistently true. At Impira, accountability, transparency, and courage are all core values and Anand’s methodology resonates extremely well with our culture.

At Impira, we strive to build an environment that balances the incredible execution required to build a successful startup with a culture of empathy and ownership. This is no easy task, and it requires an executive team that understands balance, productivity, motivation, and growth. Anand truly exemplifies these characteristics and we could not be more excited to welcome him to the team. If you’re interested in working with Anand, we'd love to be in touch. Please reach out to us at and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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