Welcome Nadjya

We are pleased to announce our newest member of the executive leadership team, Nadjya Ghausi, who is joining us as Impira’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

I’m thrilled to announce that Nadjya Ghausi has joined Impira as Chief Marketing Officer. She joins us from Prezi, where she was CMO of one of the highest traffic websites in the world and a pioneer in the B2C2B market that melds the consumer and business experience. Nadjya has a strong track record of marketing highly technical category-creating products at companies like E2open, Salesforce, Agile, Gemini, and IBM. At Impira, she reports to me and is responsible for running our marketing team along with driving our positioning, brand, and go-to-market strategy.

Nadjya is the rare executive who can quickly understand the essence of a company and dissect every piece of a business strategy within the first meeting. In Nadjya, we not only saw a deep domain expert in bottom-up go-to-market strategy and complex technical positioning, but also a kind, funny, and thoughtful human being who would enrich our workplace culture. As a seasoned marketing leader, Nadjya knows first hand the challenges around managing unstructured data such as creative assets, videos, and documents. We are in a unique moment in time given the unprecedented changes we are seeing in the marketplace. Just in the last few weeks, how many of us have watched or created a video, shopped online, or searched for relevant and accurate product information online? Making all of this digital data meaningful and accessible is something Nadjya feels is a business imperative for all companies today.

At Impira, we are in a fortunate position to continue investing in our product and making it easier for businesses to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to extract meaningful insights from unstructured data. In her role as CMO, Nadjya will be focused on:

  • Growing Impira into an industry-leading brand 
  • Ensuring our customers succeed by maximizing their productivity and efficiency 
  • Delivering an intuitive, cohesive, and frictionless experience from the very first touch with Impira and all through the customer lifecycle
  • Inspiring a user-driven experience that empowers data citizens who are at the forefront of using UI in business applications
  • Building and empowering the Impira team to bring energy, creativity, and a customer-centric approach to work every day

Welcome to the team, Nadjya!