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Who could Impira help out? You. Me. Everyone.

Impira is for anyone, even you. Meet a few people who have zero coding experience but use Impira to automate their manual data entry tasks, freeing them to do what they were originally hired to do.

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It’s an automation party and you’re invited

Impira is a custom-tailored automatic machine learning solution for just about anyone inundated with a manual data entry process. You may have used optical character recognition (OCR) tools before, but have found that traditional OCR tools alone aren't enough to fully automate data entry workflows. Impira takes OCR to the next level by adding a layer of automatic machine learning (AutoML) to create an adaptive, interactive system that anyone can use. If you can use a basic spreadsheet in Excel, you can use Impira. There's no need for any previous experience in coding, algorithms, or data science. Consider your data entry tasks simplified and accelerated.

Here are a few stories of people we've helped in streamlining their workflows. Whether you see yourself in these positions or not, Impira is infinitely adaptable to nearly any task and can save you hours of repetitive labor.

Sam, an insurance agent saving himself from manual data entry in document processing.

Claims, ACORDs, and client applications

Sam is an insurance agent who often gets buried in claims, ACORD forms, and applications. Trudging through these documents and manually entering data is time-consuming — and far from the best use of his time. Sam drags and drops piles of ACORD PDFs into Impira and lets it go to work pulling out the right data he needs and organizing it into a clean spreadsheet. Sam's saving time so he can get back to supporting his customers and guiding them through their times of need instead of being bogged down with repetitive tasks.

Kim, a salesperson selling, not doing repetitive data entry tasks

Order forms, invoices, and shipping labels

Kim is a consistently high-performing salesperson, but being inundated with emailed order forms and invoices really puts a damper on her ability to get out there and sell. Kim uses Impira’s incredibly simple email integration to forward order forms straight into Impira from her email inbox as soon as they arrive. Impira does its magic and lays out all the right information for her so she can get on with helping clients get what they need. What used to be a manual process is now automated.

Jared, a nurse practitioner, helping people rather than filing insurance claims.

Patient intake forms and acuity worksheets

As a nurse practitioner with Full Practice Authority, Jared oversees a lot of what happens in his department. Patient acuity worksheets and intake forms, among a litany of other documents, are not only abundant but crucial for the right patient care. Impira’s able to take down patient information and checkboxes and organize them into a spreadsheet, saving him time and energy. Taking data entry off of Jared’s hands allows him to free up hours to focus on what he does best — look after his patients.  

Wendy, a financial advisor using Impira's system to process files and support clients.

Annuity statements, estate plans, and tax forms

Managing wealth, investments, and financial futures is already a tall order, but with trends and account balances in continual flux, being a financial advisor is a challenging task. Wendy is experienced and has a great team, but Impira provides an extra edge by allowing Wendy to monitor values quickly and have command over the data in annuity statements. These evaluations inform her consultations and ensure her clients’ investments, estate plans, and long-term financial needs are in good hands.

Don’t see your industry or job here?

No problem — you're still in good company. Impira is adaptable to nearly any workflow and can help you accelerate past tedious data entry tasks. Sign up for a free Impira account now, or schedule a chat with a specialist to get set up.

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