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How Dashy Dash uses Impira to save restaurants money

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Dashy Dash is a business intelligence company that helps restaurant owners and operators be more successful by allowing them to explore an ever-expanding list of local suppliers, prices, and spending options. They do this by aggregating large amounts of invoice data from restaurants, and analyzing that data to identify expenditure anomalies and gain insight on market trends.

Navigating the food and beverage wholesale market can be challenging, especially when things like ingredient seasonality, limited and exclusive product releases, and one-off bulk availability introduces so much variability into the industry. By building a community where both clients and vendors can come together to connect and find solutions, Dashy Dash provides opportunities for restaurant operators to make smarter, more informed decisions for their businesses.

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The need for faster and customizable invoice data processing 

In both the onboarding process and general day-to-day workflow, Dashy Dash needs to ingest large amounts of client invoice data. The quality of their onboarding experience for prospective clients hinges on the ability to do this quickly and accurately. With the continual need to process new invoices, Dashy Dash primarily outsourced labor for these manual data entry tasks. But even with outsourcing, data entry was taking too long and managing these tasks consumed too much staff time while failing to provide visibility into the overall process.

Dashy Dash tried out other document processing solutions, but found their software to be limiting and rigid. The solutions may work for certain use cases, but they weren’t flexible enough to adapt to the tasks Dashy Dash needed to complete. Restaurant suppliers and vendors can have a wide variety of invoice formats unique to their companies, so Dashy Dash needed a platform that leverages machine learning to adapt to any document layout.

Helen Steinhauser, Head of Data Operations at Dashy Dash, wanted a solution that would both improve the speed and quality of the onboarding process, as well as be customizable to process any unique document thrown their way.

Overcoming these challenges allows Dashy Dash’s staff to have more time to make analyses, and help clients find the right suppliers so they can save money — making them the go-to resource for all restaurants.


Impira x Dashy Dash

Before Impira, Dashy Dash’s process of inputting invoice data into spreadsheets consisted of mostly outsourcing manual rekeying. Within a day of using Impira, Helen was able to get set up, upload invoices, and start extracting the data she needed. Impira’s accurate text extraction, table extraction, and customizable machine learning, on top of Amazon S3 and API integrations, allowed Dashy Dash to move away from outsourcing their manual data entry and bring things back under one roof.

For further adaptability, Dashy Dash can easily make corrections to optical character recognition (OCR) readings within Impira itself, and Impira will automatically update and retrain customized machine learning models. This continually improving system eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication with an outsourced data entry service provider, and gives companies like Dashy Dash control over their automation process.

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With Impira, it’s really nice that I can choose what I want to take and label. It’s definitely the most customizable solution I have found, by far.

Helen Steinhauser, Head of Data Operations at Dashy Dash


Freedom and speed — not data drag

By using Impira to extract all the line data from their invoices, Dashy Dash can quickly notify clients if they’re overpaying for supplies, and provide accurate insights on industry trends and the prices of local vendors. Impira also gives Dashy Dash complete transparency into the whole process of automating data extraction, giving them more control from start to finish. Dashy Dash hopes to further integrate Impira’s API to create an even more streamlined workflow.

Dashy Dash is now freer to onboard as many clients as they want, and take more time focusing on crucial business functions like marketing, sales, client outreach, and fundraising.

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Impira can accompany us as we scale, and through further automation, we’ll be able to onboard clients faster because we can ingest large amounts of initial data right away.

Helen Steinhauser, Head of Data Operations at Dashy Dash

Building a business is challenging enough without manual data entry weighing you down. Impira is able to alleviate the data entry weight so Dashy Dash can be as agile as they need to be. Impira’s flexible automatic machine learning platform is infinitely customizable to allow companies like Dashy Dash, who have very specific needs, to cleanly and quickly apply automation to their workflow. Even without an internal team dedicated to coding or data science, any organization can utilize Impira’s automation tools to make their work easier.

Hand off bulk invoice data entry to Impira

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