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How Johnstone Brokerage Services navigates risk and saves time with Impira

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Johnstone Brokerage Services (JBS) provides confidence and guidance for their clients. This means knowing their clients’ needs well and being an advocate for their success by providing crucial insights at the right times. The value of having a rock solid handle on existing financial data and emerging trends cannot be understated. Partnering with Impira has helped JBS determine actionable insights and make meaningful decisions for their clients.

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Being equipped to combat risk 

The scope of a reliable financial advisor’s role extends far beyond giving general advice. Navigating the precarious waters of financial risk and taking on the challenge of building wealth requires experience and vigilance. 

Mark Renard, President of JBS, looks down the road to identify potential upcoming bumps, twists, and turns. Being equipped with organized, readily-accessible data frees him up to do what he does best — ensuring that his clients are ready and informed to face the future. While Mark is an experienced and seasoned fiduciary, sitting there poring over data is time consuming and can hamper productivity. JBS receives quarterly statements for all their clients from insurance and annuity providers and are left to process these statements manually. With Impira, a machine learning solution, Mark was able to upload all their quarterly statements, where they were then processed and organized so he could make sense of the numbers quickly.


Impira x JBS 

As Mark stepped into Impira’s platform, he was able to immediately upload annuity statements and other documents to extract and organize the data. He could then quickly review values that required quarterly monitoring so he could be informed on what actions or inactions JFA would take for clients. Mark takes quarter over quarter values from fields on statements (e.g., cash value, inception date, death benefit, etc.) and compares those figures in order to inform the best actions to take on behalf of their clients. For example, Mark uses Impira to find all accounts when death benefits exceed the current value by a predetermined dollar amount. 

Impira excels beyond traditional optical character recognition (OCR) to keep Mark’s workflow moving by retraining itself automatically in the background as he makes changes and interacts with the system. Impira hides powerful machine learning technology behind an elegant interface so Mark can easily navigate the program without needing a programming or coding background. Where other machine learning solutions required intensive training and onboarding, Impira made it easy for Mark to get up and running within a few minutes.

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Your system is plug-and-play. It is as intuitive as anything I could dream up or imagine… you can be up and running and using it in a few minutes. It’s that easy.

Mark Renard, Executive Vice President


Forecasting success

For Johnstone Financial Advisors, their most valued assets are their clients. They succeed when they’re able to provide solid, informed consultation that protects or enhances their clients’ financial futures. They use Impira to identify specific data points across multiple annuity statements and contracts, and use that information to formulate their advisory approach.

Impira provides unmatched value through a unique platform designed for people to start extracting meaningful data right away without having to write any code. Unlike other machine learning solutions currently on the market, Impira helps you avoid massive opportunity costs that incur from stepping away from your core job duties in order to learn new computer skills. 

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You were able to take a look at what we were doing and what our requirements were, and you contorted yourself. Any time the engineer team of a software company wants to engage with its customers — that’s a good sign.

Mark Renard, Executive Vice President

At Impira, we treat clients like Johnstone Brokerage Services as partners. We partner with clients to create data solutions, but we’re also there to empower them to accelerate their own businesses. This means having our engineering team step in and be engaged so we can be attentive to the unique needs of all our partners.

By having processed and organized data at their fingertips, Johnstone Brokerage Services serve their clients well by being able to be quicker on their feet and more effective in their advisory roles.

Transform your client account monitoring with Impira.

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