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June 11, 2021

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Export data via CSV

Once you’ve uploaded your files and documents into a collection and worked with Impira to extract all the data you need, you’ll want to export it in a format that is useful to you. 

What is a CSV file?

A Comma Separated Value or Character Separated Values (CSV) file is in plain-text format and simply contains a list of tabular data separated by commas, semicolons, braces, or other characters. CSV files allow you to save data in a sequence so a wide variety of programs can “read” them. This makes structured information easy to work with and share.

A collection as it appears in Impira.

The same collection displayed as a CSV file opened in a basic text editing program.

A CSV file opened in Google Sheets.

Okay, I’m ready to export my CSV

To export your collection’s data to a CSV file, click the Download button in the top-right corner of your browser window and select As CSV

You can now import your data to your spreadsheet application or any other application you typically use to work with CSV files. 

Query data via Impira Query Language (IQL) API

You can also access your data through an API, and you have the option of utilizing Impira Query Language (IQL) to query specific data, giving you as much control and flexibility you need over your data. 

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