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April 8, 2021

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How to create collections

This guide will walk you through the different ways you can create a collection. A collection is a grouping of files. A file can belong to many collections. A collection can be created in four different ways. 

  • Creating an empty collection
  • Creating a collection with files in it
  • Creating a collection from an integration
  • Creating a smart collection

Creating an empty collection

This is a great option to choose if you aren’t sure what files will go where yet, and you want to create the collection framework first. You can easily add files to each empty collection after the collections are created.

  1. Begin from the Impira home screen. On the left navigation panel, click the + to the right of the word Collections.
A screenshot of where the collections add button is.
  1. Enter a name for your collection and click “Create collection”. In our example, we’ll call this collection AB290 Forms.
  1. Now you’ll see an empty collection that you can add files to via browser upload or query. 
  2. Another way to create an empty collection is by using the “Create collection” button in the top right bar from the All Files view. Choose “Empty collection” from the dropdown menu. Follow the same process as the one above to name and save your collection.

Creating a collection with files in it

This is a good option if you already know what files you want to add to a collection and you can select them easily from the All Files view.

  1. Begin in the “All Files” view. Use the checkboxes to the left of each row to select which files you want to bring into a collection.
  1. Click the “Add x files to collection” box located above the checkboxes. This will bring you to the option to either add the selected files to a collection that has already been created or add the files to a new collection, which you’ll name on the next screen. Use the down arrow to see these options.
  1. If you choose a collection that has already been created, your selected files will be added to that collection and you’re done. If you select “Create a new collection”, you will now be asked to name your collection.
  1. Simply add a new name for your new collection and click “Add selected files to new collection”. Now you’ll see the selected files in your new collection and you’re done.

Creating a collection from an integration

This is a great option if you plan to bring files into Impira from another source, such as Dropbox or an S3 bucket. In this example, we’ll walk through bringing files into a collection from the browser upload option. However, you will see a similar experience when bringing in from another source once you login and select what files to import.

  1. From any view, select the “Upload” button in the top right bar. In some views it may appear black. Both buttons function the same. 
  1. Review the options after clicking on it. In this example, we’ll import files from the computer.
  1. After browsing to the folder where the files are that you want to import, select the files to bring in to Impra and click “Open. Next you’ll be taken back to Impira where you’ll see this window confirming that, in this case, I have selected 4 files to bring in. Next choose the down arrow to select where the files will be added.
  1. You may add the files to the “All files” view where they will not be part of a collection, or to a collection that has already been created. In this example, we’ll choose “Create a new collection”. 
  1. Simply add the name of your new collection and click “Add uploaded files to collection”. You’re all done.

Creating a smart collection

This is the best option to choose if you will be continuously adding files over time and want them to be automatically added to a certain collection based on a query. For example, you may import new forms every week and want them automatically added to the right collections without having to manually select the correct folder for each file. 

 On your keyboard

  1. From the “All files” view, use the search bar at the top and hit Enter/Return. In our example, we’ll search for loan applications.
  1. You’ll see the results below of all files that match that criteria. In this case, we will be adding new loan applications to Impira each week and don’t want to manually search for and add them to a collection. By setting up this smart collection, we’re creating a rule that will automatically add files that match this query to the folder we choose.
  2. Use the down arrow to the right of the search bar to save this query/search.
  1. This window will disappear once you click Save. Next, use the “Create collection” button on the top right bar and select “Collection matching filters”.
  1. Give a name to the collection and select “Add selected files to collection”.
  1. You’ll be taken to the new Loan Application collection. Going forward, all files that are imported in Impira that match this “loan application” query will be automatically added to this collection.

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