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April 28, 2021

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How to upload files from Amazon S3

Impira allows you to upload files by uploading directly from your local computer, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.

How to upload files using Amazon S3

Please keep the following information handy before setting up your new Amazon S3 Source in Impira:

  • Name - A name for the new source. This name will help you find and organize the files later
  • Bucket Name - Name of the S3 Bucket for file ingestion
  • Bucket Prefix [Optional] - The S3 Prefix within the bucket - All files under this prefix will be ingested into Impira
  • AWS Access Key ID [For Private Buckets] - Please refer to this section for more details
  • AWS Secret Access Key [For Private Buckets]

In order to upload files from existing S3 storage, simply use the ‘Upload’ button present from ‘All Files’ or any existing collection.

Step 1: Select Upload from S3 to continue


Step 2: Fill out the S3 bucket information

A window should appear indicating the values needed to upload files to Impira from S3. Follow the on-screen prompts, and select Upload S3 Files to create the source.

Note: The Upload S3 Files button will be disabled until all required fields are present and valid.


For private S3 Buckets, simply click the ‘Private Bucket’ checkbox, and fill in the additional AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key fields.

Note: You can refer to this section on how to set up Private Buckets and get the relevant details to add here:


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