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Last updated

March 3, 2021

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How to use smart collections

Impira’s smart collections allow you to automatically filter files into a group, just like email filters.

You can create a smart collection by following three simple steps:

Step 1: Upload a file matching your filter

Files can be automatically filtered on any searchable result such as its name, file type, and extracted fields.

Upload at least one file to All files that meet the filter rules you’d like to set up.

Step 2: Search or filter for the file

Navigate to All files, and find the file you’ve uploaded by entering a search into the search bar and/or by using 1+ filters.

Once the file appears, click the Create collection button, and select Create Smart Collection from filter results.

Step 3: Create your smart collection

Once your Smart Collection is created, all files uploaded into the “All files” page will automatically filter into your new Smart Collection!