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July 21, 2021

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Impira terminology


These are the set of core building blocks that are shared throughout Impira.

Record: A record holds all the information of a particular file. In the table view, each record gets a row to itself. There are four records in the image below.

Field: A field is a piece of information that each record contains. Each field has a certain type (e.g., text, number) and that type is consistent for every record in a collection. In the table view, each field gets a column to itself. The fields in the image below are, “Total Amt,” “Due date,” and “Customer name.”

Value: The value is the piece of data that corresponds to a field. In the table view, each value sits within a cell. In the image below, the value for the “Due date” field in the “Demo4.pdf” record is “Wed Aug 28 2019.”


Impira makes it easy to organize your files and data. There are several different organizational tools within Impira.

Collection: A group of records where each record corresponds to a file.

Manual collection: A group of records grouped together by hand.

Smart collection: A group of records to which files are assigned by a specific query.

Dataset: A group of records where each record does not correspond to a specific file. Datasets commonly contain metadata and can be created from the contents of a spreadsheet or from scratch.

Data types

There are a number of different field types available in Impira.

text: Text of any type. Text values can be of any length.

date: A single date.

number: A single number.

checkbox: A binary true or false value.

join: A field that links each record to records in another collection or dataset.

function: The saved result of an IQL function for each record.

Machine learning field types

The ability to extract structured data from records is a core action within Impira. Machine learning fields help you automate the extraction of that information. There are several different types of machine learning fields within Impira in addition to manual fields.

Text extraction: The machine learning field type for extracting a single value for each record. A text extraction field can extract data of any length. However, this field will only return at most one value per record. If the model is not confident that the relevant information is present in the record, it will return a blank value.

  • A text extraction field can be a text, number, or date type.

Checkbox extraction [limited access]: The machine learning field type for extracting a binary True or False value. This model works for checkboxes, radio buttons, and other marks of true or false. This is a limited access feature. If you would like to access this feature, please reach out to the Impira team at

Machine learning confidence states

For machine learning fields, in addition to generating the most accurate predictions, Impira communicates an estimate of uncertainty around those predictions.

Manual confidence: A black marker indicates that the user has manually extracted or confirmed a value themselves. This indicates 100% confidence.

High confidence: A green marker indicates that Impira is highly confident in this particular prediction.

Review recommended: A red flag indicates that Impira recommends you review this prediction and either confirm or correct it.

Blank prediction: If the machine learning model is not able to identify the value in the record, the cell will be blank and either have the high confidence or medium confidence indicator. Not all blank predictions are inherently incorrect and some records may not contain the value in question.

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