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March 3, 2021

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Welcome to Impira. Our product is here to help you automate your tedious data entry and file cataloging tasks so you can put your data to work immediately and effortlessly.

Impira is an AI-powered platform that automates all of your tedious data entry and file cataloging needs quickly and efficiently, all through our newly updated user interface. You can iteratively organize all your files (documents, images, videos, etc.) and teach Impira’s machine learning algorithms to extract information from your files, such as text fields in documents, objects in photos, and much more.

To work with Impira, simply create a collection, drag and drop files, and begin extracting information.

You can then download this newly extracted information as a CSV file, copy/paste it into another tool, or even send the data directly to other applications via Impira’s APIs.

For the most part, Impira learns how to extract specific fields with fewer than 5 data points. Impira’s intuitive UI learns each time you provide a data point, confirm a label, or correct a mistake. If necessary, you can also enter data manually and combine extracted data with information from other sources, including spreadsheets and tables. For more information, check out our How-To Guides in the following section.