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Manage your unstructured data with Impira's artificial intelligence platform. Eliminate the manual and repetitive tasks traditionally required to manage your data so you can focus on what matters most.

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Unlock the data within your files

Our AI platform aggregates, enriches, searches, and distributes data more effectively. Powered by patented machine learning technology and an intuitive interface, our platform automatically extracts text from scanned documents and PDFs and surfaces image metadata and tags.

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Scale your business

Whether you are a small or large enterprise, Impira’s platform works for you. Adding more users, more countries, more properties, or more complex taxonomies to your existing datasets requires minimal setup time, providing a flexible environment for you to grow with peace of mind.

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Asset details view for an donut images. The details contains the product information, asset metadata, and ingredients list.

Establish a complete view of your data

Impira’s platform integrates with your current technology applications and connects information about images, videos, documents, and more, delivering a rich experience for searching and analyzing across all your data. The Impira platform supports over a dozen different integrations, with more to come.

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Easy to use, right out of the box

Engineered with advanced machine learning, database, and visualization technology, Impira’s platform works right out of the box with no additional development required to manage your growing collection of data.

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