Lightning fast document processing

Machine learning doesn’t have to take weeks or months to be useful. Impira’s one-shot learning platform automates data extraction in seconds.

Extract data from any document layout

Train a custom model in seconds

With one-shot machine learning, Impira starts building a model for your document in real-time. Instead of taking weeks or months, you can automate your workflow on day one.
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No code required

With Impira's no code platform, anyone can train a machine learning model with a few clicks.
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You're in the driver's seat

It doesn't take a whole team or weeks of project time to get started. Impira's self-serve platform puts you in control of your model.
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The building blocks for automation at your fingertips

Automate your end-to-end workflow

Using APIs, webhooks, and integrations, you can streamline your entire data extraction workflow. Now you can send documents to the platform for extraction instantly.
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Your data, customized

Need to join datasets from multiple sources with unstructured data or just want to perform a few tasks with your data right away? Within the platform you can perform tasks like reconciling amounts across invoices and payments or checking for billing errors on invoices.
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Connecting the dots

Export data as a CSV file, stream it back to Snowflake, or send to another app as JSON.
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