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Step-by-steps guides on how to use OCR and Impira AutoML with your pdfs, scanned documents, and images.

How to automate insurance claims processing using OCR and Impira AutoML

Extracting the relevant data from insurance claims is a costly, time-consuming, and painstaking process for claims operations teams in insurance companies. This guide describes how to set up Impira AutoML solution for your insurance claims, so you can automate claims processing and save time — in no time.

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How to automate ACORD form intake using OCR and Impira AutoML

Stop manually entering data from ACORD forms. Humans are slow, error-prone and expensive. It’s time to automate your document-heavy Insurance business processes using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) technology from Impira. Your customers will thank you.

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More guides coming soon.