See everything in one place

Connect your existing systems to view everything from product information, product imagery, assets, videos, task details, and more without leaving the Impira platform.

Data at your fingertips

Impira’s platform provides a complete view of your data, organized in a format that is useful to you. View top selling products, inventory quantities, asset usage metrics, or product financials, so you can make better-informed decisions as you grow your business — all without the hassle of a complex configuration. 

True plug and play

Our platform is simple to use right out of the box. Select the relevant data and files to import, and Impira’s technology can help you instantly search for what you need using your unique taxonomy — whether it’s the inventory quantity, ingredients of a product, or color of a shirt.  

Current integrations

Impira integrates with several tools and apps to make managing your unstructured data easier. We are adding new integrations every month so come back soon to find the latest.

Custom integrations

If you don’t see your desired integration above, don’t fret. Impira’s integration architecture makes it easy to connect new or proprietary data sources. Please reach out to your account manager to request an integration.

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