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paystub highlighting text extraction fields.

Fast, smart, and accurate.

Impira combines artificial intelligence with OCR, computer vision, and object recognition to help you extract, organize, search, and analyze information in any kind of file.

Extract text from anywhere

The word "Hello" handwritten, letters highlighted in green, and then separated.

Impira uses optical character recognition (OCR) and statistical modeling algorithms to pull text from images and documents — even handwriting!

Hello handwritten, with the alphabet below

Impira's machine learning algorithms analyze phrases of text to calculate several features, including relative position, textual patterns, and other semantic signals.

After identifying and learning the best features, Impira presents you with recognizable and usable text in each field you define.

Automatically tag and organize images

Pug with dot connectors on his face.

Impira uses a series of deep learning models to calculate several features about an image, including objects, colors, and other visual signals.

Pug image compared to an image of a rose, lab, and banana.

Next, Impira compares this data to your unique and private database of images to determine which labels are most relevant to your image.

Pug image labeled pug

You review predicted labels and help Impira learn. Every time you confirm, correct, or add information, Impira improves existing and future labels.

No code required

Impira puts the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in your hands — but you don't have to write a single line of code to use it. Get up and running with just a few clicks.

Try Impira’s data extraction capabilities, today.