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Turn files into data in 3 simple steps


Upload files

Drag and drop your files from your desktop. Impira supports a range of file formats from PDFs, images, CSVs, to PowerPoints, and more. Additionally, your files don’t need to be in the same format to extract similar data.

As your files upload, Impira process your documents to identify text using OCR.

Learn about OCR


Highlight text

Open a file to highlight and label the text you wish to extract.

With this selection, Impira will search through the rest of your files and predict the extracted field for each file.


Update with confidence

You can increase the accuracy of your model by confirming predictions. Simply, click and accept and Impira will automatically update the predictions.

Each time you confirm a production, the model improves and will even update any existing extractions with more confidence.

How can I use my new-found data?

Once you have extracted data from your files, you can:

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Find the correct content

Impira allows you to search across all your files by their contents: the fields in your documents, the objects in your images, and file metadata beyond just filenames.

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Download CSV

You can download your data as a standard CSV file with a click of a button or even copy and paste data directly into third-party software like Excel.

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Open APIs

Impira automatically creates a REST API just for your data, allowing you to query anything you need, including files, labels with confidence scores, and even complex aggregations. The API also supports file uploads, label updates, and other writes.

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