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Create a collection

Create a collection, and upload your files. Collections keep your files organized, and tell Impira they’re related.


Highlight data

Open one file, and highlight the information you want to extract. Impira will automatically start to find matches in your other files within the collection.

Illustration of a model with the text Due date April 15, 2020 with a pencil and x icon. In a secondary row below, the text reads Total $15.95 with a pencil, x, and check mark icon with a popup over the checkmark that says confirm.


Confirm matches

Impira will predict the data you want from your other files. Review and confirm auto-generated matches to train the model and improve its accuracy and confidence.

Use your data

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Search across files

Search across all your files by their contents, including fields in documents, objects in images, and file metadata.

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Download CSV

Download your data as a standard CSV file with a click of a button (or just copy and paste data directly into your spreadsheet).

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Extend with APIs

Use a custom REST API just for your data to query anything you need, including files, labels with confidence scores, and even complex aggregations.

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