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May 19, 2021


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Create an order visibility API

Use this recipe to create an API endpoint that checks whether inbound orders contain required supplemental documentation. Get started right away and ensure your orders are complete and ready for processing.

Good order form compliance is critical to processing order forms in a timely and efficient manner, however checking orders for completeness is a painfully manual process and a burden to your operations.

Impira AutoML technology allows you to set up a machine learning model in less than 5 minutes that can extract data from your forms with incredibly high accuracy, saving you hours of precious time and allowing you to process hundreds or thousands of forms in real-time.

This recipe lets you upload through an API and define filters that allow for automated approval or rejection of orders based on the details they contain. When documentation is missing, trigger an optional email to request more information from the submitter.

Combine this recipe with Create an order form API to automatically extract information from complete orders using Impira AutoML.

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