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March 3, 2021


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April 2021

We’re excited to release long-awaited features designed to make your work life easier.

Upload API

You can now upload files directly through Impira’s upload API, which supports both URL-based upload and direct upload over HTTP. We’ve also made several overall enhancements to the API, including simpler paths to access both collections and datasets, a simpler request/response format, and new documentation. Read more about API here.

Upload to Impira via email

You can now email attachments directly into Impira by either forwarding files straight from your inbox or add Impira’s forwarding email addresses to a mailing list so files upload as they arrive. Read more about email integration here.

New text extraction

You now have access to a new version of the text extraction algorithm which is both more accurate and learns faster from each new data point. This new algorithm is the default for all users. Learn more about how to use text extraction here.

Checkbox extraction

Extract checkboxes, radio buttons, and other binary indicators just as you can for numbers, dates, and other text. Find out more about checkbox extraction here.

New onboarding experience

During onboarding, users will see Impira automatically detect important fields for extraction as they upload files, making it easier and faster to get started. Users will also be able to use their own files rather than rely on provided samples. 

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