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March 3, 2021


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June 2021

The wheels never stop turning at Impira — we're adding more integrations and improving our users' experience.


Review workflow

Reviewing Impira’s data predictions on your files is easier (and more fun) with the new Review workflow. Fly through the predictions that need review and actively improve Impira’s machine learning models while you’re at it through just a few clicks.

Zapier integration

The Impira x Zapier integration is now in public beta. Impira users can now use Zapier to connect Impira to thousands of other apps. 

Experimental features: IQL Playground

Check out our new Experimental features button, where you can access the IQL Playground. The IQL Playground allows you to make instant IQL queries and view your data in any shape or form. 

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Impira now runs Named Entity Recognition (NER) on each new file, which identifies semantically important groups of text such addresses, currencies, email addresses, and more. Impira’s machine learning models can then use this information to learn what types of text you are trying to extract, leading to predictions with much higher accuracy.


  • More detailed API error messages
  • Product speed and responsiveness. These speed-ups are most prominent in file upload and processing, creating and editing fields, and working with many collections.

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