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Train custom machine learning models to unlock data stuck in your files.
No machine learning or coding experience needed.

What is AutoML?

Automated machine learning (AutoML) automates the end-to-end process of applying machine learning to real life problems. Creating your own machine learning model was no easy task, until now. With automated machine learning, anyone can provide feedback to create and train custom machine learning model resulting in a more accurate predictions.

AutoML makes it incredibly simple to extract usable structured data from documents using OCR.

AutoML helps automate these steps:

Illustration of reading a text and translating it to code.
“Reading” your document.

Converting pixels to text characters with additional metadata like geometry, size, and page number.

Illustration of how text has been identified on the page.
Text extraction
Figuring out what’s what.

Identifying which text corresponds to a desired field (e.g., vendor info, total balance, or contract terms).

illustration showing text being compared to letters and translated to words.
Smart adjustments.

Processing the extracted text further using:

  • Normalization: From “1, 23 4” to “1234”
  • Concatenation: Turn “231” “Avery” “Ln” into “231 Avery Ln"
  • Interpretation: Use NLP to understand if text is an address, name, or phone number
Illustration of someone clicking confirm in Impira's AutoML platform. Once they click confirm OCR is run against the documents and the spreadsheet is automatically updated.

True AutoML

Impira is taking automated machine learning in a new direction by having a single flexible, malleable model that adapts to your specific needs rather than going through a litany of pre-determined models to see which one fits. Rather than choosing a suit off the rack, we’ll tailor one that fits you.

Train custom models without any coding

With Impira AutoML, you reap the benefits of an AI-driven approach over any set of documents without needing any coding experience. Previous generations of machine learning required you to go through an arduous process of training and testing a brand new algorithm for each document format you wanted to process.

But, as your documents and data continually evolve, so should the machine learning models that interpret them.

AutoML allows users unlock and retrieve the exact information they want from their files while saving time, money, and resources.

How to set up Impira AutoML

As easy as 1, 2, 3. Get started today for free.

illustration on a hand pointing at a black button with a password filled in above.
Sign up.
illustration of different file types
Upload five or more scanned files, images, or pdfs.
illustration of a spreadsheet with names and numbers
Download a clean spreadsheet. 

Get on with your day.