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Impira automatically pulls the important information from your files, so you can skip manual tasks (like retyping data). Powered by OCR and AutoML, Impira can understand your content — whether it’s a website or a purchase order — and extract structured data for analysis. Set it up in just a few clicks, and you can get back to the real work.

Accounts payable processing
Accounts payable

Extract data from invoices to automate the accounts payable process.

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Analyze energy invoices and/or utility bills to understand spending trends, generate insights and recommendations
Energy and utility bills

Extract data from energy and utility bills for analysis and insights.

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Financial Advisors: Convert annuity statements into spreadsheets, automatically.
Financial Advisors

Convert account statements into spreadsheets and update client records.

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Insurance applications: Process applications for insurance coverage in order to turnaround quotes faster
Insurance applications

Extract data from insurance applications to generate quote estimates.

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Insurance claims: Extract and enter data from medical records or insurance claims in order to resolve claim payments
Insurance claims

Extract data from insurance documents to accelerate claims processing.

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Invoice spend analysis: Extract and enter data from invoices (PDFs) into Excel spreadsheets to create reports and/or conduct analysis
Invoices and purchase orders

Extract data from invoices to accelerate reporting and analysis.

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Medical forms: Extract and enter data from medical and healthcare forms
Medical and healthcare forms

Extract data from medical and healthcare forms for faster processing.

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Automate income verification across rental and mortgage application paperwork
Mortgage loans

Extract data from loan applications to expedite mortgage loan processing.

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Order management and logistics: Extract and enter data from invoices, purchase orders, and supplier documents to update supply chain records
Order management and logistics

Extract data from forms to monitor movement of goods.

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